W e create multimedia concert concepts, focusing on film & media music. With events like »Hollywood in Vienna«, which is broadcast worldwide on TV, as well as international touring productions, such as »The World of Hans Zimmer«, Tomek Productions has established itself as a market leader in the field of film & media music events. The concerts are staged as a creative interplay between music, visuals, light and space, generating a harmonious, captivating and emotive ambience.

Our vision is to immerse the audience into a new and unexpected perception of orchestral music and film, leading the classical concert experience into a new era and enthuse new clienteles. We also offer music production & music preparation services. For recordings, we cooperate with the high-end Synchron Stage Vienna and provide orchestras of hand-picked musicians depending on the composer’s needs as well as librarian and copyists to ensure the success of the recording.

As talent agency, we are happy to support you and find the right artist for your event.

Show & Marketing Concept, Artistic Production, Artist Scouting, Music Supervision, Art Direction

Customized studio recordings and orchestra selection depending on the client's needs

Orchestration, copying, midi transcriptions, audio take downs, mock-ups, transpositions, librarian work

Agency for performing artists, conductors, designers, music supervisors and more